T4HIM’s success in multi-family property and asset management can be attributed to many years of experience in the various facets of investment real estate as well as hands-on experience. Through these years of experience we have developed a management philosophy that allows us to be flexible to the needs of our residents, employees, and clients. This philosophy is one that continually monitors, updates, and embraces goals and objectives to:



T4 Housing Interests Management LLC (T4HIM) was established in 2008 to provide third party property management and consulting services.


T4HIM has been vertically integrated since its conception in 2008 by providing investment asset management.

To become the market leader in Texas multifamily operations and asset management.

To consistently provide quality apartment homes, continually enhance the quality of life for our residents, improve the development and performance of our staff, and increase customer returns.

Integrity: Do the right thing – Always.

Respect: Value others – and treat others as you would be treated.

Collaboration: Working together for a common solution.

Customer-Focused: Provide exceptional service to our customers and communities.

Performance: Demonstrate pride and passion for our work; deliver consistent and measurable results; reward success.

Through strict adherence to our core vision and values, T4HIM will remain company that consistently performs to meet the needs and demands of our residents, and our clients.

T4 Investment Asset Management LLC applies a comprehensive approach to real estate investment management, affording our investors many distinct advantages. We provide dedicated resources to handle all facets of due diligence, reporting, asset management, asset valuation, portfolio accounting and fund administration. Capabilities such as market analysis, unparalleled market familiarity, and extensive operational expertise allow us to procure opportunities and enhance value.

T4 Housing Interests Management LLC provides property management services with a focus on real estate investment risk reduction. Our dedicated service teams address tenant needs and administer the care and maintenance of the assets in their charge. Our teams provide unparalleled marketing, leasing, management and maintenance expertise for each asset in our care. We offer state-of-the-industry resources, employee support and services, and continuing education to our teams affording them excellent career opportunities. Investing in our teams is how, our communities regularly exceed market potentials, producing exceptional residential services, setting us apart in property management industry.